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Trapezoidal sheets are an economical roofing and elevation material. A wide choice of profiles – height ranging from 6 mm to 160 mm – and types of sheets (various coatings) allows for various uses on roof and elevations, gates and fences, as well as load-bearing structures in individual and industrial building.

Väggprofiler T6

Väggprofiler T7

Väggprofiler T8

Väggprofiler T14

Väggprofiler T18

Väggprofiler T18DR

Väggprofiler T18 Sinc

Väggprofiler T20

Väggprofiler T35EL

Väggprofiler T35

Väggprofiler T35 Sinc

Väggprofiler T40

Väggprofiler T45

Väggprofiler T50P

Väggprofiler T55P

Väggprofiler T60P


Glossy polyester, 25 microns, profile thickness 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.5 mm

Matt polyester, 35 microns, profile thickness 0.5 mm